Our Services

Running Deer Resources and RDR Industrial provides a full Turn Key Solution to Capital Projects. From project initialization and connecting with Indigenous communities, to engineering and construction management, we assist our clients during every step of a project.


From building relationships with Indigenous communities, to assisting in large scale capital projects, Running Deer Resources is able to provide the necessary infrastructure. We develop Customized Engagement Strategies specific to our client’s needs. Together with our partners, we provide full Turn-Key Solutions to Indigenous Engagement.

Working Warriors Database

  • National skills inventory of the Indigenous Workforce
  • Community Analytics & Reporting features categorized by Occupation, Businesses, Education levels, Age/Gender Demographics, Resumes, etc.
  • Uses NOC statistics to reflect occupational changes in the Labour Market
  • Human Resources Tools

Partnership Development

    • IBA Negotiations
    • Project Liaisons
    • Joint Venture Partnerships
    • RFP Development and Support

      Project Owners and Industry partners can utilize Working Warriors and RDR services to assist in the RFP process to ensure opportunities are maximized.

      Using community data obtained in the Working Warriors database, RDR will provide it’s clients with information to engage all parties involved in a project. 

Employment & Training

  • Health & Safety Training

    Preparing a new employee for a job site is a key factor in the successful retention and safety of the individual. This is why we offer a comprehensive three day orientation that covers:

    Day 1: Orientation (workers’ rights and responsibilities, safe work habits, etc.)

    Day 2: Safety Training (WHMIS, fall protection, etc.)

    Day 3: Site Preparation (what to expect before you arrive at job site, conflict resolution, adapting to the work environment, time management, etc.)
  • Employee Orientation and Retention Programs
  • On-the-Job Training and Indigenous Apprenticeship Program

    The Indigenous Apprenticeship Program (IAP) is an internal program to help individuals enter the workforce by developing their skills through job shadowing, training and career counseling while securing employment. The IAP is designed to transition entry level employees into an apprenticeship, creating a long-term skilled workforce.


Running Deer Resources provides a full Turn-Key Solution to Indigenous Engagement. From project initialization and connecting with Indigenous communities, we assist our clients during every step of a project.